Turkish Embassy in Singapore – Office of the Counsellor for Commercial Affairs

Hürol Karlı
Turkish Commercial Counsellor

Congratulations to the Singapore Fruits & Vegetables Importers and Exporters Association (SFVIEA) on the publication of the latest edition of its Members’ Directory.

With the mandate to promote trade and investment between Turkey and Singapore, Embassy of Turkey is pleased to work with local business associations such as the SFVIEA and counterpart organizations in Turkey such as the Union of Exporters of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables (www.yms.org.tr/en), so as to connect Turkish companies with local companies in Singapore that may be interested to do business with each other. By this way, we can jointly promote the growth and diversity of the fruits and vegetables industry in Singapore.

As you may know, Turkey, situated in the midst of Asia, Europe and North Africa, is one of the world’s leading agricultural producers, particularly for fruits and vegetables. In 2015, 47.5 million tons of fresh fruits and vegetables were produced in Turkey. Most of this produce was retained for domestic consumption, while about 3 million tons was exported to the world. According to Trademap statistics, Turkey’s exports for edible vegetables, tubers, fruits and nuts in 2015 amounted to over 5 billion dollars. Currently ranked 1st in the world for dried fruit exports, and 7th in the world for edible fruit and nut exports and 16th for edible vegetables and tubers, Turkey and its agricultural producers are looking to diversify from Russia, Middle East and Europe to non-traditional markets such as Singapore.

We are pleased to see the continued growth in number and variety of Turkish fruits and vegetables introduced into the Singapore market in the past few years. Already we can find various dried fruit such as dried apricots, raisins, as well as fresh lemons, apricots, grapes, figs and cherries. But while our efforts have borne some fruit, there are still more opportunities out there waiting to be picked, so to speak. Turkey grows a great variety of other fruits such as apples, watermelons, peaches, plums, as well as vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, green beans and pumpkins, among others.

I thus encourage members of the SFVIEA to get in touch with our Office should they be interested to learn more. I have the pleasure of wishing SFVIEA great success in upcoming year 2017 and look forward to further deepening our close collaboration.