Chairman, Singapore Fruits & Vegetables Importers & Exporters Association

Mr Tay Khiam Back 郑谦木, BBM
Chairman 主席,
Singapore Fruits and Vegetables Importers & Exporters Association 新加坡果菜出入口商公会

The Singapore Fruits and Vegetables Importers & Exporters Association was established back in the year 1948, we are looking forward to celebrate our 70th anniversary next year (2018). Through the years, we have been playing an important role towards promoting the development of Singapore’s fruits and vegetables trade and ensuring food safety and diversity for our fellow Singaporean; fostering closer relationships among member companies, government agencies and business associates, both locally and internationally.

With the evolving society and increasing consumers’ sophistication, it is a challenge for our Association and members to source for a wider spectrum of fresh produces that are of better quality and value, in larger quantities, from a diversify sources of supply to meet and satisfy their aspiration.

We are also working closely with AVA to form the Vegetables and Fruits cluster, providing a platform for AVA to engage the industry regularly, to identify and address issues and challenges in food supply; develop diversification strategies and explore new food sources and investments opportunities.

Our Association is proud to present to you the latest edition of the Members’ Directory. The Directory will be distributed to all relevant organizations including government agencies, embassies, trade commissions as well as visiting trade delegations from foreign countries.

Last but not least, let me represent the association to express our gratitude to our Advisor, Member of Parliament, West Coast GRC and Minister for Trade & Industry (Industry) S Iswaran and all our partnering government agencies and institutions for their kind supports all these years. We would also like to thank all the advertisers for their invaluable contribution and support.

新加坡果菜出入口公会成立于1948年, 即将在明年(2018年)迈入第七十个年头。一直以来, 公会在新加坡果菜行业的发展扮演着积极且重要的角色, 为本地蔬果等农产品提供安全且多元化的选择,起着稳定价格及保持平稳供应的重要作用。我会也积极加强会员和同业之间的联系;并充当会员与政府部门和本地与国际商务机构之间互动的桥梁, 促进双方的友好关系。


本会一直以来都与新加坡农粮与兽医局(AVA)保持密切合作, 提供与业界的一个沟通交流平台,让AVA能够更贴近本会会员,为行业提供必要的协助,解决果菜供应方面的课题与挑战;共商开拓新的市场与商机的策略;携手开发新的果菜来源。

本会第五十三届的会员通讯录收集了所有会员的联络资料, 公会的资讯等。 本会通讯录也将赠送给各国大使馆、政府机构、各商会及外交商业使团代表。

最后, 我谨代表新加坡果菜出入口商公会所有理事及会员感谢我会顾问, 贸工部(贸易)及西海岸集选区议员易华仁部长;各大使馆及相关政府机构多年来给予本会的协助及支持。与此我们也要感谢这一路来给予本会大力支持的广告商家, 使本年度的会员通讯录得以顺利出版。