Ambassador of Poland to Singapore

Ambassador of Poland to Singapore

Current turbulences in world’s supply chains affect not only high-tech but also food products – essential for every society, and especially critical to countries like Singapore, where 90% of food comes from abroad. Ongoing trend of diversification of food supplies is a great challenge for both public authorities concerned about the food security, as well as for large and small business entities that need to adapt to less stable and less predictable international environment. This requires constant efforts to look for alternative partnerships, to establish new business contacts and to launch new promising products.

Poland in this regard has proven to be a reliable, trustworthy partner for Singapore. Polish food industry is booming: we are one of Europe’s largest food producers, exporting annually food worth over 37 billion EUR. During January-May 2022 Polish food export increased by 22%, year-over-year and is highly sought after, worldwide. Excellent quality, sustainable production and reasonable price is what distinguishes our products. Poland’s traditionally strong agri-food sector was substantially transformed over the last two decades: the EU membership and access to large European market fostered modernization of production’s standards and marketing knowledge. Then packaging industry and logistic sector made big steps forward. Polish food industry gained a stronghold in the EU and is now actively looking for new cooperation opportunities, especially in Asia and with Asian partners.

Singapore is considered by Polish food industry to be a window to Southeast Asia. As the Ambassador of Poland to Singapore I support negotiations between respective veterinary agencies of our countries, focused on advancing the accreditation and securing the safety of the products. The pandemic related disruptions turned out to bring added value to existing relationships and opened new paths of engagement. In 2020 export of Polish eggs to Singapore was initiated and currently Polish eggs represent 9% of the local market share in this product category. Total value of Poland’s food export to Singapore more than tripled since 2019 and now accounts for over 25% of total merchandise export from Poland to Singapore.

The pace of making business in Singapore is highly valued by Polish exporters who need new markets as much as Singaporean importers need new sources. Polish food industry offers broad scope of products: we are the leading EU and world producers of fruits (apples, strawberries, currants, raspberries, cherries, chokeberries and blueberries) and vegetables (cabbages, carrots, onions, cauliflowers and potatoes). It’s encouraging to see fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables from Poland more often in Singapore’s stores. I strongly believe that business players on both sides should continue the dialogue, cherish current cooperation and stay committed to bringing it to the next level. I am convinced business associations, like SFIVEA, have an important role to play in supporting food security and building the resilience against future disruptions.

I wish all the SFIVEA members success in strengthening their business relationships with international partners. I am hopeful that year 2023 will further reinforce Polish-Singaporean fruitful cooperation in agri-food trade and bring new dynamism in launching new Polish products here, as well as in the region.