Turkish Embassy in Singapore

Ms Mihriban Esin Arslan
Turkish Commercial Counsellor

On behalf of the Turkish Ministry of Trade and the Embassy of the Republic of Türkiye in Singapore, I wish to extend our compliments to the Singapore Fruits and Vegetables Importers and Exporters Association (SFVIEA) on the publication of the 56th edition of its Members’ Directory. This annually updated catalogue continues to be an indispensable resource for those seeking to build partnerships with the fruit and vegetable industry in Singapore.

As the Office of the Commercial Counsellor at the Embassy of the Republic of Türkiye in Singapore, we have been working closely with SFVIEA to foster industry linkages and create more business opportunities between Singapore and Türkiye.

Indeed, over the past decade, fruits and nuts have been among Türkiye’s top food exports to Singapore. These include fresh and dried fruits such as lemons, apricots, grapes, figs, cherries, apples, watermelons, peaches, plums, hazelnuts, pistachios, and almonds, among others.

With the country’s favorable geographical conditions and climate, and abundant natural resources harnessed by modern production and processing technologies, Türkiye remains among the top ten agricultural economies in the world. Türkiye is the top producer in the world of hazelnut, apricot, fig, dried raisin, and cherry. It is also one of the top 5 producers of melon, watermelon, cucumber, lentil, pistachio, quince, sour cherry, chestnut, pepper, honey, and green beans, and one of the top 10 producers of apple, cotton, wheat, barley, almond, sunflower and tobacco.

With this wealth of natural resources powered by highly modernized technology and backed by a young and dynamic workforce, Türkiye looks to offer an abundance of opportunities and choices for the rest of the world for years to come.

On the other hand, Turkish exporters recognize Singapore’s highly sophisticated market, its strong economy, and its geographical importance as a strategic springboard into the rest of Asia. They are keen to diversify their markets and find local importers and exporters not only to serve the Singapore market but the region as well.

We invite members of the SFVIEA to explore these opportunities that Türkiye has to offer. Our Office will be pleased to assist any individual or company interested to do business with Türkiye. In the meantime, we sincerely wish SFVIEA and its members health and success in the coming year.