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Office of Commercial Affairs / Thai Trade Centre

Congratulations to the Singapore Fruits and Vegetables Importers and Exporters Association (SFVA) for its new issue of its member’s directory. Thai Trade Centre, Singapore is honored to be given the opportunity to include an opening remark and to share valuable information and insights to its members.

Thailand is a country that is blessed with many natural resources. One important sector is agriculture. Agriculture has been one of the great development sectors of our late King Bhumidol Adulyadej to help people to get sufficient income. From his early years of reign, he has been actively seeking solutions for Thai people through agriculture by growing a wide variety of crops. After much cooperation and efforts, we see today, Thailand is strong in exporting of a wide variety of crops which includes the world’s famous Thai Hom Mali rice, tropical fruits and vegetables. We continue to produce high quality and food safety of Fruits and Vegetables for the World.

In 2015, Thailand’s total trade Singapore exceeded US$ 21,500 million of the total value and Singapore imported fresh fruits and vegetables from Thailand is US$ 64.2 million which Thailand is one in the top ten trade partners. With the ever changing consumer demands and quality expectations, Thailand producers have researched and developed the highest quality of fruits and vegetables that meets stringent food safety for the Singapore market. Thailand producers are now also producing more fruits and vegetables that are certified organic that is good for the environment through their cultivating practices. With the launched of “Thailand Kitchen of the World” and “Thailand Trust Mark” campaign, Thai producers aim to provide top quality fresh produce with backing of assurance from the Thailand government.

With Singapore’s efficient logistics infrastructure, the freshest of products in their peak freshness can be available to the Singapore consumers here. With a broad range of ready producers, close collaborations will build strong relationships that will weather through a dynamic market demands. Should you have enquiry on fresh produce or its derivatives, please contact our officers.